Some people talked about how bad I am at coffee. I am. I don’t know the kinds of coffee. I don’t know how to ‘sruput’ coffee properly. I cannot differentiate arabica or robusta. At the moment, I do not care. I’ll drink any coffee that available if I think I need caffeine. I do not care about the cheap ‘sacetan’ coffee or small cup of espresso from Starbucks. If I need help to stay awake, I’ll drink them. Of course I want and will learn more.

I just love to drink coffee. I love the way it affects my body (and my life in general). I remember the effort that I’ve to put to stole my Dad’s cup of coffee when I was a child (prohibited by Mom). The ‘ampas’ still sugary and was tasted like chocolate or I think it was tasted like chocolate. Steal the coffee, free ‘chocolate’ you got. The current coffee brands that I drink mostly are Liong Bulan, Kapal Api and Kopiko 78 (fast grab on the nearest store).

Someone said, life is too short to drink bad coffee. Okay then.