There is a wedding that I attend after been asked personally. I didn’t regret since I’ll have a chance to meet up with Ali Kusnadi, a guy that easily saying “bro” (which is pleasant) and a founder of KelasKita. We drove for for approximately 10 hours. The wedding was hold on an isolated place in the middle of nowhere in Majalengka. I’m an introvert myself and I thought Ali was also so we didn’t talk too much and it gaves me time to think a lot about a wedding. How it held, how much it costs, the contribution from the families, etc. There is another friend, Asep (also an engineer from KelasKita, after the wedding, we drove him to the station. That is why the total length of our trip is more than 200 km) that told me a lot of these kind of things and encourage me to prepare a marriage for myself. He’ll hold his own wedding on September and has asked me to come (I’ll come to learn more).

Thank you, guys.


I didn’t come. T_T