Three of us sing it
Folding our hope restlessly
Our prays are flying

The knot was curled
Both of you pulled it far
Without a wise thought

It locked like hell
So I am going to release
This cursed hot rope

Let you both be free
All the mistakes are mine sure
I will swallow them

Burry the past please
Both of you are priceless pals
I beg, forgive me

Let me fade out here
There, take your time as you wish
My turn, I wait for

This poem follows strict Haiku rules, 3 lines, 5-7-5 syllables in its stanzas. I was trying to write a Haiku in Bahasa Indonesia but turn out that I couldn’t write a good one. Words in Bahasa Indonesia contain too much syllables which mean the Haiku stanza will uses less words and it’s hard to compose deep meaning with less words.

Consider some sentences of the poem in Bahasa Indonesia,

Kami bertiga bernyanyi, 8 syllables. Tolong kubur masa lalu, 8 syllables.

They only use 5 syllables in English. Even if I cut bernyanyi to nyanyi–which makes it sounds weird–it still contains too much syllables.

This is the first time I write a Haiku poem.