I’ve read about Aaron Swartz since highschool and he immediatelly became my role model. He has done so much things in his young age, bringing real changes to the world. The news about his suicide really strucks me back then. In 2014, Brian Knappenberg released a documentary about Aaron, titled The Internet’s Own Boy. It gives me more broad views about Aaron’s activities. I’ve encourage my friends to watch it but it seems the language became a barrier. So, I initiated this translation project, https://github.com/herpiko/theinternetsownboy-ID-subtitle. It still far from complete.

You can contribute by forking the project and send the pull request back. For anyone who doesn’t use GitHub (and doesn’t know the git things), just grab this file, https://github.com/herpiko/theinternetsownboy-ID-subtitle/blob/master/src.txt, edit it then send it back to me on herpiko@gmail.com, I’ll merge it to the GitHub repository.

Happy hacking!