In late January 2019, I purchased a minimalist wallet from It’s handmade, looks cheap, err yeah, literally cheap. It advertised as long-lasting with durable stitching. I didn’t immediately write a review and want to use the wallet first for months before writing about it.

My previous wallet is an ordinary foldable wallet and I was not happy with that.

My entire stuff in the previous wallet:

What comes to my mind when purchasing the minimalist wallet was I’ve to get rid of some of the stuff. The wallet will contain only a few cards, they’ll be my identity card, ATM card and cashless card that I used for public transportation. I’ll leave the security smartcard (I used to develop an app with these cards) and a cafes member card in my backpack. The USB security key will be on the new wallet.

Here is the Mindstorages’ minimalist wallet.

As you can see, the wallet is not perfect, both in shape and build quality. The leather is thick and the stitches look strong and sturdy. After I put the selected stuff into the wallet, it still looks thin and easily gets into my pocket. It even fitted into my shirt pocket! No more bulky wallet.


After several months of use, it’s far from mint condition.

This kind of wallet will force you to pick only the most important stuff from your important stuff. In the beginning, you may feel this is not right but will soon realize that you don’t need to bring all of your stuff.

The maker said that the wallet stitched in a way that if some of the strings break, it’ll not break the entire stitch. It’s true. I have got a string broke but the entire stitches stay sturdy. A decade of warranty? It may not a lie.

Then the bad side, here we go. This wallet is not feasible. It only purposed for two kinds of things: cards and folded papers. After several weeks, I excluded the USB security key and chained it into my keychain because the wallet can not contain it properly. Hence, no room for coins. So, where did I put my coins? They went into my pocket. I also can’t store the money in a rush. I’ve to fold it slowly. When I’ve no time for this, the money went into my pocket as well. My partner keeps protesting against my minimalist wallet and building arguments that I should discard this wallet but it won’t happen. I love it.

The last time I checked on, they are no longer sell this wallet. Other kind of craft also has been sold.