Today we’re pleased to announce our first nightly build (or “jahitan”) with package that build by our in-house toolchain IRGSH. This build featured Pop Shell extension package which marks our important milestone. The package help us to prove that IRGSH works as intended to help us to bring the source code to binary package, to injected it to signed repository then wrapped to a bootable ISO.

You can download the ISO file here. You may consider to use zsync to decerase the size of download between builds.

In case you’re curious about what Verbeek will be looks like, we’ve packaged Pop Shell because we want Verbeek to be developer-first desktop. The release will be providing software and tools you need as developer/IT professional. This is the third BlankOn Linux release that will have specific user as target, after Meuligoe Minimalist and Sajadah. If you want to get update about the development, please simply follow the BlankOn Linux Twitter account and click Watch on our release repository.