I need to write it down here so there will be no need to visit Vortex Gears’s incomplete documentation in the future.


  • Plug in the cable, you need the LED to guide you
  • PN + LEFT_CTRL (original position) to enter programming mode
  • Press the key that want to be programmed
  • Press the target key
  • PN to apply
  • PN + LEFT_CTRL to exit

It’s possible to lose a key. Sometimes you need to backup it first. Be careful.


  • Reset the current layer key-codes: Hold PN + R (original position)
  • Reset all layers’ key-codes and restore it to default: Hold LEFT_ALT + RIGHT_ALT (original position)


  • PN + LEFT_ALT (on the left of the space bar key) for 3 seconds
  • PN + J or K or L (current position)
  • Pair the device

Fn swap

  • Hit FN + LEFT_SHIFT for 3 seconds then select new FN key directly

Pn swap

  • Hit PN + LEFT_SHIFT for 3 seconds then select new PN key directly


  • PN + M or < or > (original position), indicator on left LED.


  • PN + RIGHT_SHIFT (cycle) to change layout, indicator on right LED. No LED for Qwerty, red for Colemak, green for Dvorak

Operating system

  • PN + Q or W or E (original position) for Windows, Mac and Linux respectively