After a year of having mining-capable GPU for gaming and despite the EIP 1559 plan, I decided to join the bandwagon in the end of April. Then I added some GPUs. Still, it’s a small rig. Quite late but I still got much profit. In this October I sold the rig and left with the 1660 Ti so I could continue to play video games. Some of the reasons:

  • The daily profit is low in recent days
  • Some miners began to sell their GPUs while the GPU prices spiked again
  • There is a difficulity bomb in Ethereum that will be dropped in December (but maybe get postponed
  • It is not something that can leave unmonitored. Sometimes issues occured. Also I still worry about the safety.
  • Want to focus to another side hustle

I learned a lot in the process. The profit exceeded my expectation. Big portion of it goes into investment portofolio and I bought myself a steering wheel as selfreward. When in doubt, flat out!