I’m not talking about music that takes you back to the year where it got popular. That is a shared experience among other people. What I’m talking about is the music that could bring you up a specific memory about specific place or event, about yourself, in one strong dose. I don’t know if it works for others but here is how it works for me.

Over and over again, almost infinite

It’s started with an album by Enno Lerian when I was still a kindergarten kid. I’ve to asked my dad to hook the cassette into stereo player every single time I want to dance with dudidam. I only want to hear dudidam and dismiss the rest of the album. Backward and forward buttons were my best fellow since there is no repeat feature back then.

Then I grew up with impaired hearing disability and understanding music is hard for me. I don’t mind about lyric or genre. As long as the beat blasts my brain and the melodies make my body wiggled, I’ll just listen. I frequently found myself loving a certain song by how it sounds but completely disagree against the raison d’etre of its lyric.

So I just played the song I liked over and over again until I found another easy listening song. I can stays with single track for long hours, days or weeks. The trade off is clear: I’ve bad knowledge (and sometime bad taste, some people said) about music and its diversity.

I don’t know the long term effect of this habit until I move to another city for the first time.

Just how strong the dose is?

The memories is as strong as its inaccuracy. No instrument that could bring sharp memories as text or imaging or talking with your old friend, but music do this differently on me. A particular song could help me to imagine the place in strong vibe. It maybe inaccurate but it’s strong.

My wife hate the way I play songs so I never play it using loud speaker.

This is the way.