Taman Baca Kesiman

Date: 2018/07/11
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When I was struggling to find any comfort place for working remotely in Denpasar, a friend mentioned TB Kesiman. I thanked her. TB Kesiman is a home for many good books, some of them are considered rare and antique. Unlike Kineruku (will write about this soon), only about 1/3 of the books are fiction, but they are carefully curated and, as I said before, some of them are rare items. Rare enough to make me hate this small library.

TB Kesiman keeps early copies of Pram’s books, published by Hasta Mitra. You may recognize the publisher’s logo on it.

And his brother.

Fans of Romo Mangun? Here you go… (but I didn’t see Puntung-puntung Rara Mendut)

And complete works of Soe Hok Gie.

Or Wiji Thukul. This is a “Aku Ingin Jadi Peluru”.

No, there are two copies of it instead. I repeat, two original copies.

Three different version of Max Havelaar.

Some english classics.

A copy of Taring Padi’s limited prints.

Ouch, they sells some indie CDs too (I purchased Nosstress’ :P)

Even Jason Ranti has visited TB Kesiman, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQRDpB6DLpo

I didn’t evaluate the non-fiction section since there was a girl that looks busy tidying up the books here. TB Kesiman has dedicated kitchen where you can buy some foods and drink (you are forbidden to bring it into the library anyway). You may visit their website here, https://www.tamanbacakesiman.com. Oh, lets back to work!

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