UNK rev1 Trackpoint Module

Date: 2020/07/21
Categories: Tech
Tags: Hardware, Mechanical keyboard

As a person who have been using Thinkpad computers for years, I was always missing the trackpoint feature. I want to type on mechanical keyboard but also I don’t willing to dismiss the nipple. There are few solution for this issue: UHK, Tex Yoda, Tex Shinobi. These all are expensive keyboard, the shipping cost alone is crazy.

Trackpoint module is one of my goals while building UNK and I successfully build it. Here is the video if you wonder how it looks/works.

If you prefer to see it in pictures: https://imgur.com/gallery/cKV1syE

The trackpoint sensor is taken from a dead Thinkpad X201 keyboard. I was planning to make a magnetic detacable connector to the right half of the keyboard, just like magsafe but I didn’t success. So, I’m using another Pro Micro instead. It’s not perfect but it’s my build and I’m happy with it.

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