GitLab Productivity Tracking: Know How Your Team Breathing

Date: 2021/11/19
Categories: Tech
Tags: Productivity, Management

How do I know if my team performs well? How to tell that with data? If we’re underperformed or didn’t meet the deadline, how to find the causes and tackle them? I was thinking about analyzing the entire activities in my team to get some insights, starting from GitLab issues.

I put some filters to the issues:

For each, I fetch the:

From 500 issues sorted by the latest updated (by the boundaries above), they narrowed down to 113 issues.

By using this data, I could aggregate it to get the duration of the activities for each issue:

I wrote them into a single script: There is a lot more area to explore. Of course, this setup has some inaccuracy as there were so many things that happened in the team but let’s see the early insight first, shall we?

There were some bottlenecks:

In the last step, let’s gather the team and talk.

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