LibreOffice Conf.Asia x UbuCon Asia 2023

Date: 2023/10/18
Categories: Tech
Tags: Ubuntu

The Rejection and Acceptance

When I first heard about Louca 2023, I was very excited and immediately submit two abstracts. I was convinced that one my submissions is interesting enough to be accepted, except is was not. None of my submissions made it but I am in no doubt that the accepted topics that was listed in the Louca webiste were a lot more interesting.

Then one month before the event, I was contacted by one of the organizer. I was asked whether I still want to talk in the event. Maybe someone has to stepped down from the position. They said the topic that they accepted is the one that is less preferable for me (because it’s quite a heavy topic). I have to made the proof of concept in less than a month. So it was a bit roller coaster here but the second excitement is real here! :D

The Journey and The City

This is my first trip out of town attending a conference since the pandemic. I traveled by train to Surakarta with my wife. She would help me by becoming my “listening assistant” because I have an impaired hearing disability and my hearing aid is not that good.

I never been in Surakarta before. We did spend times to enjoy the city, the culture and the foods. My first impresion is it’s a vibrant city with strong batik and arts vibe. Solo is amazing!

The Conference and Its People

The conference was held in Universitas Sebelas Maret. Just from looking at the crowd, I already knew this would be a successful conference. Half of the participants are students, promising young generation. After almost 3 years since the pandemic, finally I met again with my friends here.

My talk was held at the first day in a parallel class room. I talked about how to create a native GNOME app then publish it to Ubuntu Software through I also write the topic in a blog series in detailed manner if you are interested.

Aside from my class, I also enjoyed other parallel classes from Malaysian speakers, Khairul Aizat Kamarudzzaman (Fenris) and Muhammad Syazwan Md Khusaini. I also attended Sendy Aditya Suryana’s class and helped him by lending my handwired keyboard as a showcase.

UbuCon and Asia

From Youngbin Han’s talk, I learned that the first UbuCon Asia is held in 2021 (online), then 2022 in Korea (offline). And for the next year, we have two bidders: Timor Leste and India. There are more UbuCon events in other continent. UbuCon is actually unofficial community event. The Canonical role in this event is for being a sponsor. For the official event that held by Canonical directly, we have Ubuntu Summit. Youngbin explained the history of UbuCon Asia, how to organize one and what to prepare if you want to held one in your city.

Thank you and see you

I really appreciate the organizers, volunteers, communities for making this happens, thank you. Actually this is my first time to do a public speaking fully in English, so thanks my wife and my friend Jason for training and preparing me for this.

Also big thanks to our sponsors: Canonical, LibreOffice, OnlyOffice and other sponsors.

See you in the next FOSS events!

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